About the CMPS

Goals of the CMPS

Center for the Multicultural Public Sphere was established by the Faculty of International Studies of Utsunomiya University in April, 2008. By working with local government groups, international associations, boards of education, citizen groups (including NGOs and NPOs), and overseas universities and organizations, the center strives to facilitate the exchange of information and to create practical solutions to pressing issues related to globalization.

"Multicultural Public Sphere" is the keyword for doctoral studies in the Graduate School of International Studies.

Issues related to the Multicultural Public Sphere are main subjects of studies in the doctoral courses of the Graduate School of International Studies, which offers practical training to students to enable them to find and develop solutions to transnational problems. The Doctoral Courses of the Graduate School of International Studies was established in April 2007, on the foundation of research and educational practices of 10 years, which had been disseminated both domestically and globally.

What is the gMulticultural Public Sphereh

The "Multicultural Public Sphere" is based on Dutch social scholar Habermas theory of "a public sphere where a collection of varying opinions have been brought to mutual agreement." The "Multicultural Public Sphere" is the place where, in order to address global issues, the bounds of national governments are transcended and citizens and citizen groups representing a diversity of cultures and actions within public society are brought together to address these issues. Center of the Multicultural Public Sphere supports the construction of multi-cultural public spheres in Japan.

gCentre for the Multicultural Public Sphereh is the Antenna for the network of international exchange and co-operation.

Center for the Multicultural Public Sphere is not just the antenna which brings together local government organizations and citizen (NPO/NGO) groups, but the antenna which collects, provides, and transmits the information that links the university with its community and the world by facilitating the process of idea-collection, debate, and mutual understanding. CMPS is also ready to respond to issues of local-level international co-operation and contribution, and multicultural exchange through its network of overseas universities.

Centre for the Multicultural Public Sphere engages in the following activities

(1)Consulting, co-operating with, and engaging in joint research in fields including international co-operation and multicultural contribution and exchange activities, as well as interaction between non-native resident communities and local governments, international exchange groups and citizens groups (NGO/NPO)

(2)Supporting the participation of students and citizen groups (NGO/NPO in projects involving international co-operations.

(3)Engaging in theoretical and demonstrable research and education related to international cooperation and contribution and multicultural exchange in order to raise capable individuals able to operate within this new realm.

Through its homepage and newsletter, create a network linking the university, students, local government groups, citizen groups (NGO/NPO) and international exchange groups. (From Vol. 12 of U.U. Now 2008.02.20). Activities include:
@Providing education for JFL Students(Japanese as a Foreign Language Student)
AEngaging in research on the Multicultural Public Sphere, and global education
BHolding regular lectures and classes for the community
CConducting survey-based research