Center Staff(2014)

[Head of the International Studies Department]

Professor, International Studies(International social theory, regional social theory), Tamaki Matsuo

In my two years serving as Center chair, I think I was able to grow in tandem with the center. I hope this means I was able to fulfill this large responsibility. If I consider the worth of what I was doing versus the troubles associated with doing it, I can firmly state that the worth far and away outweighed any trouble associated with my work. Though I feel I need to reflect back on how much of this success I have internalized as self-pride, I hope to continue to move forward. The research regarding "Education for JFL student(Japanese as a Foreign Language Student)", which has advanced along with the center, will take a new shape this year as as "contributing to the community and raising individuals and who can operate within global society." a special funding project run jointly with the department of education's Research Center for Educational Practice. As I continue for the next two years as vice-chair, I hope to mainly devote myself to research and work related to this project.
In these past two years, the center has come to realize itself as the focal-point, and point of intersection and inspection through activities such as arranging meetings between boards of education and school principals, and conducting research in conjunction with Utsunomiya City's international Plaza on the opinions of Utsunomiya. I wonder; will we continue to question our roles moving forward. Half our brain is telling us "don't move too fast!" while the other half is saying "hurry up!" First and foremost, I would like to thank all those individuals who lent their support over the past two years. I hope I can continue to look forward to your warm, yet stern, support.


Watanabe Naoki

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Professor, International Studies(International cooperation, NGO studies), Shigeta Yasuhiro

Greetings everyone. I am Shigeta Yasuhiro@and I became the Vice-chair of CMPS as of April 2012, before which I served as head of the center.
I originally worked for International Cooperation groups and NGOs. I became a universityteacher 12 years ago, and came to Utsunomiya exactly 6 years ago. My current fields of study are International NGOs and global education, and my area of expertise is in Cambodia and England. I have been visiting Cambodia for the past 10 years, working on NGO agricultural development, support for education of women and children, and conducting various research. In England, I have conducted various research, including research of NGO provided global education, issues of fair-trade, and issues regarding the multicultural public sphere.
With the CMPS, we held our first global education seminar gThe First Steps in Global Education: Thinking regionally about global issuesh in December of 2009. Along with former Center Chair Matsuo Tamaki, I want to make global education one of the key pillars where this center is active. It is also my sincerest hope to see this center undertake research and activities regarding international culture, regional research, and the multicultural public sphere.

I hope you will join and support me and all the members of this center as we learn and grow together. Thank you.@

Professor, International Studies(Public administration, local government theory), Yuji Nakamura

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[Center Members]

Associate Professor, International Scoial Studies (African Regional Research, Societal Development Theory), Sakamoto Kumiko

My area of research is Africa, particularly of rural southeast Tanzania.
Many people think of "poverty", "conflict", "developing country", or "nature" when they think of Africa. In fact there are issues of poverty and regions suffering from conflict (and its aftermath). However, these are issues which should not be bundled up as African problems, but must be taken on as world issues. Furthermore, for us in Japan, there is much we can learn from Africa. There are many areas in which Africa over flows with abundance: for example, life styles co-existing with nature, the idea of helping each other through mutual assistance, and other creative endeauvers while I find tackling issues of poverty important. I also consider the perspective of learning from Africa also essencial.

Associate Professor of International Cultural Studies(French literature, philosophy), Taguchi Takumi

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Associate Professor, International Scoial Studies (Applied linguistics, English language education), Andrew N. Reimann

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Lecturer, International Scoial Studies, Matsumura Fuminori

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Lecturer, International Cultural Studies(English literature and linguistics, Japanese literature and culture), Barbara MORRISON

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[Center Staff]

Okumura Yasuko(Assistant Clerk)

Funayama Chie(HANDS Project)

Sagisaka Hiroe(FSP)