Welcome to CMPS

Center for the Multicultural Public Sphere is dedicated to pragmatic and quality research, to worldwide cooperation and service and to the promotion of exchange networks both domestically and abroad which will result inresearch and educational activities that define the frontier for recent scholarship in the field of international studies.

Research projects

Center for the Multicultural Public Sphere addresses issues related to globalization, the construction of a sustainable society, environmental degradation, localization, and the co-existence with non-native communities, using accumulated results of the research conducted mainly by teachers of the Faculty of International Studies. The Center also carries out joint and contract research projects, holds seminars, and dispatches lecturers.

News and events information

Center for the Multicultural Public Sphere is actively involved in publicizing information regarding workshops and newsletters that concern the Center as well as the International Studies Department of Utsunomiya University. The center also publicizes information on cooperative efforts between NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) and between prefectural collaborative groups.


Center for the Multicultural Public Sphere is building a network that will transmit quickly and efficiently information related to international exchange on both domestic and international fronts, as well as between NGOs/NPOs, citizen organizations, international exchange organizations, and prefectural government offices responsible for international affairs.

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